Our company is located within the center of the Sicilian manufacture which stretches from Agrigento coast to Capo Passero, the most southern tip of Sicily, also Known as the lung of Sicilian production.
At the beginning, in the 1960, the company used traditional techniques of production for then adopting modern ones like greenhouses and computerized control system. The company l’Isola del Sole (nowadays Sun Island) which was founded in 1995 has broadened its horizons by focusing both in the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables.
All our products are certified Global Gap, as the GDO requires in terms of quality and healthiness. The great care and attention on the quality and on the choice of suppliers, has led the company to trade with both European and Extra-European markets. The task of the company is to enhance dynamically their traits in order to be competitive by satisfying the needs of European markets.